Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby

Our Wedding day~ Nov 19 2004

Derrick & I summer 2005

Tomorrow 25 years ago: August 14 1984. A sweet lady with flowing red hair gave birth to a chunky baby boy with big blue eyes, and white hair. He was named Derrick Benjamin Lefler. 25 years later brings us to present time. A few things have changed. The woman with flowing red hair ( Rhonda) my wonderful mother in law is still sweet, not only that she is a breast cancer survivor :) The boys isnt chunky all, and now he has 4 tattoos. 1 on the top of his back some sort of design, a Celtic knot on his upper arm, a tribal band around other arm, and a star on the inside of his arm~ the star is in loving memory of his best friend since diapers, and best man at our wedding who died in a car accident. His hair is now dirty blond. I will tell you he is gorgeous. Sexy, hot. I am so glad that his parents decided to give life to this man. Our marriage may not be perfect. I know we will always have to work on it. But I feel deep down in my heart we will grow old together.Here is to many more birthdays to come my love. To my handsome hubby: Happy Birthday!!! Olive Juice....Big Gulp

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