Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rebels with Watermelon

Sweet Juicy Lovely Watermelon

OKay so the other night I get home from work. Hubby got off a hour before me as usuall and I ran to the store to buy watermelon to have AFTER dinner was through. So I arrive home, and hubby has to go help his dad for awhile. Just then Kameron notices that lovely watermelon. Kameron wants some, he wants some bad. Hubby said, not until after dinner. Kameron was very upset. So Hubby leaves. Kameron cries. I try to cook. And Kolter man plays in his saucer. Hubby is gone, so what could a little watermelon hurt right? Hubby will never know :)So I grab my sweet, sometimes over emotional 4 year old up. And I bust out the watermelon. I ask Kameron, how big of a piece he would like to have...His response of course: THE WHOLE THING!!!! He settled for two nice size pieces. I Even gave some to Monkey (kolter), and he loved it. I just squeezed the juice into his mouth. But he just kept his mouth open the whole time while I grabbed another piece for him. So we ate our watermelon first, before dinner. Then just as we finished up with our sneaky treat. Hubby arrived home...early. Monkey had the evidence all over his shirt, and his face still. Woops:) Hubby decided to have some as well. What a nice treat. Next time I will get a water melon with seeds. Can you say: Watermelon seed fight?

PS~ One is never to old for a watermelon seed fight

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